Sunday, September 9, 2012

I LOVE being a missionary!!!!

Let me just say first of all that I absolutely, without a doubt, no questions asked LOVE being a missionary! The Missionary Training Center is so incredibly wonderful I cannot describe it! This week has been just insane, but so great at the same time. From the time I arrived, there has been not even one minute wasted. Everything is planned to a T with timing and everything is run so smoothly. The great thing is that everyone is obedient to the rules therefore everything is run without a hitch. My companion is fantastic. Her name is Hermana Eberle, she is Pennsylvania, and get this, she is a music therapist! She loves to sing and she plays any stringed instrument known to man. I love it so much! Every night before we go to bed, we have taken to singing a spanish hymn, sharing what we learned during the day and having companionship prayer. It has really brought us together and we work really well together. I definietly forgot to grab my camera for pictures, but I will remember next week...if there is anywhere to put in a memory chip..
Gosh I feel like there is so much to tell! Well first of all, my normal P-Days will be on Fridays from here on out so that is when emails will come! Also, I can receive emails from everyone, I just can only reply (via email) to family.
The food here is actually not too shabby, the dorms are pretty nice-very clean, my district is FULL of incredible elders. All of them are 19 and out on full time missions! It is really wonderful to see their testimonies and their example. Spanish class is SO GREAT! My very first class here (about an hour after I was dropped off at the MTC) I walked in the classroom and my teacher was speaking in non stop spanish, super fast, and using a lot of words I didnt know... haha. However, it is really amazing how much I understand! Basically almost everything that my teachers say, I can understand the gist. The problem comes when I have to spanish...hahaha. It's rather difficult. BUT! Something really cool happened yesterday! We had the opportunity to teach a lesson to an investigator yesterday! His name was Valdecir. We prepared a lesson teaching him about how we have a loving Father in Heaven and that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. We are literal sons and daughters of God and Jesus is our brother. The thing is...the entire lesson had to be in SPANISH! Yep...third day. As we were preparing, both Hermana Eberle and I were suuuuuuuper nervous, but when we got into the lesson to teach, the spirit really was in the room. We obviously stumbled for some words, but we were able to get the message across to Valdecir and testify of the truth of our loving Heavenly Father. At the end of the lesson, I bore my testimony, in spanish, and he understood it even though I dont even remember what I said. I know that the spirit was there guiding us to know what to say because if it hadn't been, there would have been nooooooo way that I could have said what I wanted to. As I taught and studied and sat in class yesterday, it dawned on me that however terrifying and seemingly impossible it might be to learn spanish so fast, it IS possible, through the spirit of our Heavenly Father.
I am just about out of time, but I will talk to ya'll next Friday!
Te Amo Mucho!!!!
Hermana Ali :)

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  1. This makes me happy! And Salomi is praying for you by name every night when she prays for missionaries (she wanted to make sure you knew) Love you more.