Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooola !!! :)

Soooo I havn´t heard too much from ya´ll in a while! I hope everything is going well and that your lives are full of happiness and good things. If you feel so inclined to give me a little update, feel free :) Haha I would LOVE to here from you. Anyway, as for me...this week was a good one! Again, it seems like this week flew and I was JUST writing you all. However, we were working super hard this week! We taught a whole bunch of lessons, found new people interested in learning about Heavenly Father´s plan of happiness AND we had a baptism this past Saturday! Luis Leonardo :) He is nine years old and is probably one of the funniest boys I have ever met in my life. Although he is young, he was so ready to make this covenant with his Father in Heaven, He bore his testimony afterward and the spirit was super strong. I love the spirit that young people bring. They are so innocent and close to our Father in Heaven, I just love it :) Attached are a couple of pictures from his baptism. 

We have also been teaching  a family that are related to a recent convert. Nellie, Angie, and Diego. Send them your prayers. Nellie, has never before believed in our Savior Jesus Christ, and is unsure if God exists. However, we had a lesson with them a couple of days ago, and we talked about faith and prayer. She gave the closing prayer in the lesson and she started crying because the spirit touched her heart. She told us that she was comforted, and felt peace in her heart. It was a super special experience. We are praying really hard for this family so that they might be able as a family, to be baptized and be able to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. :) 

We also had lunch on Saturday with a super adorable family. Attached is a picture of them as well. :) Haha. Something exciting also happened in Church yesterday. I was asked to give a talk...in Spanish! Haha I was super nervous because the only talks I have given, have been in English. Lessons are a whole different story because if I forget how to say something, my companion is there to help me out :) Haha but everything went well! I talked smoothly and I was able to share exactly what I felt I needed to share, repentance. AND to top that off, my companion and I also ended up teaching another class! Haha. But it was good. I am now confident in my spanish abilities and I can speak no problem! Woot! :)

This week, on Saturday, we have transfers again! This time, I am almost 100% positive that I will have a change of companions, possibly area, and maybe be training a new missionary. We shall see! I really want to go to Ayakucho, a part of the mission Lima South that is in the middle of nowhere with mountains, and sheep and where there are ¨pueblitos¨ :) We shall see where the Lord needs me to be! This Saturday, I will find out, and next monday, I shall let you all know! :)

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)