Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family!!! February 24, 2014


You are the best. Thank you for being awesome and being part of my life :) This week, as usual was amazing!!! The focus was on being righteously engaged in a true all of ourselves, all of our work, heart, might, mind and soul to the Lord. It was an amazing experience because I was really able to see the tiny miracles that the Lord gave to us according to our dedication. It was incredible. 

As my time draws closer, I am really feeling even more love for the Lord, more love for Peru, more love for everything and really feeling SO blessed to be here serving as a full time representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing. NOTHING that brings more happiness than living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that brings more peace and more joy than understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ and understanding the Plan of Salvation that our Father in Heaven has given us. It is incredible.

I love you all and you are in my prayers daily. 

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)

:D---February 17, 2014


Les doy muchos saludos!!!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying!!! It´s crazy. Im not a fan. But, my companion and I are working hard to bring sould unto Christ, working with members, working with the ward counsel and helping as many people as we can to live the Doctrine of Christ...the recipe to happiness :)

There is no greater work than this. I love it!!!! This week we were able to help a be rescued/reactivated. She is awesome! SInce the first time we taught her, she has fulfilled her commitments and her testimony has been strengthened incredibly. She has not missed one sunday and is super willing to give the Lord everything. She understands repentance and it is a beautiful thing to see :)

Also, this week, we were able to meet a young couple, who have not been to church in about 4 years to come back. They are super ready and willing to permit the Atonement to work in their lives to be able to repent and be sealed in the temple as an eternal family. It´s incredible. I know that whatever sin we have commited, whatever guilt or shame that we feel can be cleansed as we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. 

I was reading today in the Bible when Jesus teaches about the parable of the ¨joven rico¨ (I dont know how it is exactly in english...the ¨rich young man¨ perhaps) This young man asks what he needs to do to gain eternal life, and Christ replies that he must obey the commandments. The young man responds that he lives every commandment and Christ says, give up all of your riches, everything that you have, and follow me. The young man became sad and walked away. I LOVE this parable because it shows that our Father in Heaven desires that we have a sincere heart and a contrite spirit as sacrifice, and if we do so, He is prepared to give us eternal life.

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)

Doctrine of Christ=Happiness February 10, 2013


How are you doing??? I hope super wonderfully, that you are living happily and enjoying the little things that come from being obedient to the commandments that the Lord has given us. :)

This week was awesome!!!! Well...just like very week in the mission. I love my job...bringing souls unto Christ. It is the best and I am a bit ignorant that I will be ending waaaay sooner that I want to think. :( BUT I am working harder than ever and enjoying every minute serving the Lord will my whyole heart, might, mind, and strength. :)

This week, we had a training conference with President Douglas where we talked about the importance of the Trinity, the Doctrine of Christ and obedience. Even though I have learned and studied these things all my life, I learn something new every day.

God is our Father in Heaven, literally, the Father of our spirits. He loves us and wants us to be happy, which is why He gave us commandments to follow. It is also why He sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ here to the earth to save us from our sins. It is why, in difficult times, we can pray to Him and He can give us comfort and guidance through the Holy Ghost.

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three different beings united in purpose which is to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. In order to reach it, we must be obedient to the commandments and the the Doctrine that Christ taught us. Faith, repentance, baptism by immersion for the remission of sin, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. It is so simple, and so perfect, found the the Bible and in the Book of Mormon.

God wants us to be happy, but it is our decision to follow Him (repenting daily and being obedient) or to choose not to follow Him. I know it is true and I know that we can live with Him again.

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali