Buenos Dias mi familia!!! :)
Ok. So wow I cannot BELIEVE I am literally halfway through my mission! Yesterday was my birthday...my ninth month in the mission. It is going WAY too fast! I love every minute and I am just in awe at how fast the time is passing. Crazyyyy!!! But anyways...I hope you have all had an AMAZING week. :) I sure did. And I learned SO much this week in regards to faith and ACTION. IT was fantastic. All week. First off, last monday, we had the chance to go to Huanta! About and hour away from Ayacucho. It is SO beautiful there! There is a big white statue of Christ and so we went and visited. :) We went with the entire zone. It was a grand old time. Attached are a couple of pictures...also of two weeks back when we went to Rashuilca! :)
 The whole week, we had a lot of blessings with  finding wonderful new people to teach who have desires to learn more of the Gospel, and ACT on what they learn. Each mission has a mission president, and this week, we had interviews with him and a training conference! We had the chance to study a few different talks by Elder David A Bednar, one of the twelve apostles. Each of the talks were on the subject of faith. How we can strengthen our faith, how we can gain faith, but most importantly, what we can do with this faith. We talked a whole lot about the verb ¨To act¨
Something that President Douglas said, quoting Elder Bednar was... ¨The Lord will do nothing for us that we can do for ourselves.¨ I love this quote! It doesnt mean that Heavenly Father doesnt love us, it doesnt mean that he doesnt want to help us, it means that if we act for oursleves, through faith, he will help us and give us everything that we need to be able to accomplish it. We can pray for help, but if we dont do anything afterwards, if we dont ACT, nothing will happen. It is in James 2:16-17. Faith without works is dead. I love it! We have the responsibility...and the blessing to be able to excercise our agency and act on the impressions and answers that we receive from our Father in Heaven.
Good stuff this week. The spirit is real. God communicates with us through Him, and if we act on what we receive, and what we know, we will receive even more blessings than what we already have. :)
Have the best week ever!
Con mucho amor siempre!!
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)