Sunday, May 19, 2013

Emata sutiki! May 13, 2013

Imaynallakashkanki!!! (How are Quechua)

The subject line means ¨what is your name?¨ Haha This third language I am trying to learn is ridiculously hard. But anyways...Hellooooooooooo familia!! Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mothers/grandmothers! In Peru, Mothers day is a HUGE holiday! Its way cool. The whole week, all the streets were filled with flowers and chocolate and baloons. It was adorable. I appreciate ALL that mothers do...Grandmas, and mom, you are the best. Never forget your divine nature and how important you are to our Heavenly Father. :)

This week, nothing of too much consequence happened... yesterday, we were walking in the street and we found a dead rat. So that was...interesting. Haha :) We are working really hard, teaching a whole lot of lessons and just trying our best to be exactly obedient. I know that when we obey they Lord, he gives us blessings and will help us with anything that we need. Now is the time to just be patient and let the Lord work in his own timing. I absolutely love this work. I literally am SO happy every single day! Even the bad days! I love it. I love teaching the Gospel, I love seeing people change and accept CHrist in their lives.

Next week are transfers again! Crazy! Hopefully I wont be transferred out of Ayacucho and from my companion...BUT if it happens I know its for the best and it is what the Lord needs. :) But I wont be emailing until next wednesday, not Monday. So if you dont get an email next monday...thats why. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week! I send my love!

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali

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