Monday, November 12, 2012


Hola!!!!!!! Sorry its been a super long time since I emailed...our last preparation day in the CCM was on a wednesday, we came to thye mission the following tuesday and the mission p day isnt until mondays!!! So thats why :) Anyways! AH! Im in the field officially! Its so wierd but SO AWESOME!!! my first day was literally unforgettable. We arrived in the field (about 40 minutes from the CCM haha) and had orientation for about 5, safety, rules, etc. The mission president really is amazing and has such strong faith. This is definitely the best mission. :) The focus of the mission is to invite others to really know their Savior Jesus Christ and have the desire to change their lives and repent and come unto Him. Faith and repentance. SO GREAT. Then! We got our first companions!! Oh! Fun fact about our mission, I will never have a norte americana campanion! Way cool. Anyway...Her name is Hermana Sanchez. She is from Mexico and super hard working, super obedient and really wants the best for everyone we come in contact with. She is great :) Anyways...we were assigned to open a brand new area! Chorillos! My first week! Yep..intense. We didnt even really know where we lived so we spent two hours in a taxi looking for our apt. We couldnt find it and ended up waiting at a church building for the zone leaders to show us our apt. We got there and decided to explore. We went up the stairs to look at the view (it overlooks the ocean) and we got locked out! Hahaha soooooooo funny! Anyways yep. That was my first day. Very eventful.

Shoot...i dont have much time left...BUT we basically spent the whole week tracting and contacting people. It was very overwhelming seeing as I dont know spanish too well hahaha but thats ok! With time! Luckily my companion speaks spanish. :)
However, we found quite a bit of people, met SO many amazing people, learned about our area, met our new ward, for me personally I am slowly becoming accustomed to the culture and I love it! For example...we live next to a chicken farmer on the fourth story of a building! haha its great! I dont really even need an alarm clock! I will send pictures next week of the view and of where we live! :)

As for the is delightful! I am pretty sure there is absolutely no way to avoid getting sick because when we eat at members houses we cant say no...haha so I will just accept the sickness and pray that it passes quickly :)

We have 4 new investigators, and they are all super interested and super special! I love these people SO much! The christlike attribute that I have been working on this week is patience. Patience and humility are so important in missionary work because of finding people, teaching, learning a different language and relying on the Lord for every tiny little thing.

I cant attach pictures this week! Ah! But I will try really hard next week to find a little connecter thing for my camera because I have quite a few.

I love you all! Im so excited to be here and I will save more time to write next week and give you more specific details. :D

Con mucho amor siempre!!! :)

Hermana Elisheva Ali

PS. Seeing as I am only surrounded by spanish speakers...I am relatively sure that by the time I get home...I will have forgotten english. Haha

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