Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween from Peru! October 31, 2012

Feliz Dia de Brujas!!! ( as they say here in Peru...happy day of witches!) It´s so good to here from you all! :) I had heard nothing of the crazy storm but I am glad that everyone is safe! That´s crazy that it is worse than Katrina? You all are in my prayers for sure. 
 It has been quite a week full of a lot of different activities here in Lima! First off...I have less than a week left here in the CCM!!! I can´t believe it has been nine weeks! Next time you here from me I will be in the field!!! Ah! I dont know what day my new P day will be but I will let you know when I get there :) I am leaving Tuesday afternoon and because I am already in Lima it should only be a drive of an hour or so via bus haha.
Ok...So let´s see here...I still LOVE IT here!! So much. I am going to miss this place but I am super excited to get in the field and teach people!!! I have found though that this place really is so inspired! The things we learn here help us when we are out teaching so much and it´s great!! one of the Hermanas here, her name is Hna Santacruz, she is from Argentina, she is one of my absolute favorites! She is going to come study at BYUI after the mission! Anyways...the reason I mentioned her is that we have gotten into the fun nightly activity of having her tell us a story every night before bed. Its super funny and helpful because its in spanish! haha yea.. :) Also...another fun fact, for the past 5 weeks here, my companion and I have been the only Norte Americana Hermanas here which has been super fun! But this past week we got two more from Provo. They are both super nice too so thats good :)
Ok! So last Saturday, we got to go proselyting again in Campoy!!! Apparently, this city is super dangerous, but being sisters, they put us in a super nice area out of harms way and it was SUCH a wonderful experience! We met so many people and taught about 5 lessons in 4 hours! We gave out probably about 14 pamphlets and 5 Books of Mormon too! We traded companions for the day again and we also had one of the sisters from that area there with us. So that was good because I had two latinas with me! Haha oh spanish... :) Anyway, we started walking up the street and these two little girls probably about 4-5 said... hey! Follow us and come see my family! So obviously...we did! Haha. But anyway, it was a way cool experience! We taught the Family the plan of Salvation and sung ¨Families can be together Forever¨ with them. The spirit was really strong and they invited us back again to hear more. What a beautiful, special family they were! We also taught a girl who was 19 years old who was just SO ready to hear the Gospel, we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel and about Joseph Smith. She just was so cute and so ready to hear about Heavenly Father and how much she was loved as a daughter of God! It was amazing. We talked about baptism and she really has the desire to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. It was incredible.
These people are just SO amazing! I love Peru. Im probably going to live here again at some point :)
Oh! Also...another fun fact that I have forgotten to mention is my new favorite fruit! They are called Granadillas. Soooooooooooooooo delicious!!! :)
Last but certainly not least, my spiritual tidbit of the week...last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to hear from an Area Seventy-Elder Wadell. He talked about the importance of our call and how we need to honor it because of who we are serving. He talked about how when we signed our acceptance to our mission call, we made a covenant with Heavenly Father that we would serve Him for this year and a half for all of the time, not part and that we need to honor our calling of representing Jesus Christ by standing by this covenant. It was SUCH a strong talk.
I have to go now! But I love you all!!! :)
Con Mucho Amor, SIEMPRE!
Hermana Ali :)

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