Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Love Peru!! October 24, 2012

I am so glad to hear from all of you every week!! It really makes my week when I log in and see emails from the people I love and miss oh so much. Also...thank you for the letters as well! They are SO great!!! :)
Most of the super exciting stuff here happened last week when the CCM was in transition mode so there is not too much new information. However, I shall tell you a bit about my day to day life. First of all...Two weeks from yesterday and I am headed into my mission field! The real deal! Im so excited!!! It´s crazy that i have already been a missionary for almost 2 whole months! It´s already flying by. craaaaazy! We are now considered √°dvanced missionary´s´!! But I love every single minute. My companion and I are still great! She makes my life. We have a lot in common and get along really really well. My district has grown on me a lot and I love all of them so much as well :) last wednesday, we got a whole bunch of new missionary´s! Including new Hermana´s! We are rooming with two latinas who are just wonderful. One is from here in Peru, and one is from Argentina. Hermanas Cervera (argentina) and Ramirez (Peru) Let me just say really quickly that although I would love to visit, I am glad at this moment that I get to serve in Peru because argentinians speak about 50 times faster than peruvians! Its so hard to follow but SO good for practice! :) I love it.
Along with the Hermanas came new elders who really bring a whole new feel to the CCM. They are great. I seriously love this culture and how incredibly friendly the people are! I cant wait to get out and meet some more wonderful people! We also had a change up of teachers and let me just say that they are some of the most inclredibly spiritually wonderful, intelligent people I have ever met. I am truly so blessed. This place is incredible! fact....because this place is so small (about 110 missionaries or so...) we have lunch with the president and his wife at least 3 times a week! Which is cool. I love them :)
This upcoming weekend we have the opportunity to go proselyting again! This time we are going  to a different city called Campoy! Im super excited again to go out and share this gospel with the wonderful people of Peru! Hopefully this time, I will be able to talk and understand a bit more haha :)
My testimony of this incredible Gospel i growing every single day! I love it so much! Heavenly Father really does care for every single person on this earth. He knows us by name and wants to hear from us. Prayer is just SO important every single day to maintain that special relationship with our Heavenly father. I know that He really does answer our prayers. We had the chance to watch a devotional by Elder Jeffrey R Holland given a couple years ago to the missionarys about how to teach and the process of conversion. It was really so powerful, hearing this from an apostle of the Lord. It is imperative that we, as children of Heavenly Father get that personal relationship with Him and become fully converted in faith and in life to Him and His son Jesus Christ. He just loves us so much and because of that love and because of that plan, we are able to live for eternity with Him and with our families, for eternity! What an incredible blessing!!!
This Gospel is SO true. Heavenly Father knows us. We are SO blessed! :D
I love you all very much and I am so grateful for you in my life!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ali :)

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