Sunday, October 21, 2012

Three more weeks in the CCM!!

Ok...So I have had a WONDERFUL but very filled week and I only have a wee bit of time to write about it. So forgive me if I leave out details! :) First off, the spanish learning continues! verrrrrry slowly. You think you have something, and then you go into a practice lesson and dont understand a thing! haha its pretty entertaining. But it definitely is coming! All of the Latino´s left this week for their missions (they only have 3 weeks because they don't learn a new language) and that includes the amazing Hermana´s! :( They were such incredibly wonderful loving people who are going to do amazing things with their lives and missions! BUT we get new ones tomorrow! Its an exciting day!  I was also called to be coordinating sister over the hermanas of the ccm which means I get to handle any questions and problems they have. We will see how that goes seeing as I can't communicate too well :)
OK! Proselyting in Chosica was an AMAZING experience. Seriously indescribable. I dont know what to say almost. The living conditions of these wonderful people is beyond what I had ever imagined. Go on google images, type in lima, and the picture you see of the colorful houses on the hill is where we were. You cant see it from the picture, but it is so sad. These people squish so many family members into one house and struggle to eat, but they are such caring, humble people. Truly amazing and so ready to here the gospel! That was just a taste of what I will get when I hit the field and I am so excited to teach these wonderful people!
Fun story of the week. We ate at arestaurant while we were out and half of the CCM here got horribly sick from eating the lettuce. Class rooms were half empty on Monday because people were just too sick to even get out of bed. Those evil little parasite worm buggers always gota be sneakin on the veggies! It kind of just hit me today, but luckily it´s p day so I can lay in bed the rest of the day and sleep it off without missing class! Holler!!!
Today, earlier, we had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Central Lima and touring this ancient monastery that was built in the 1500´s! Also...underground was the catacombs where they had the bones of about 25,000 people. It was crazy, but way cool and really impossible to describe. We werent allowed to take any pictures inside, but I got a couple outside. Unfortunately, I still cant send pictures...but hopefully soon!
Anyways...that about sums up the activities of my week! It was great! I still love it SO much!!!
Thank you all for your prayers, for you letters, dear elders and genuine love! Especially for the card from the Season of Hope choir! I was deeply touched, It made my day! :)
It is time for me to go try to sleep off these little parasites! But keep the letter coming and I will try my best to respond! :)
Siempre, MUCHO amor!!!
Hermana Ali :)


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