I know it hasnt been long since my last email...but that silly internet decided to not work on my last P-day so here is another one :)
So first of all...I still absolutely LOVE it here!! So Much. I almost never want to leave the CCM, but I mean...there are people to teach, places to go and adventures just waiting for me! So let me first just talk about how wonderful General Conference was this past weekend!!! What a fantastic opportunity to hear from the Prophet and all of the apostles! I hope you each took the time to watch it because Saturday and Sunday were just incredible spiritual food! :) My favorite talk was by Elder Dallin H Oaks of the quorum of the twelve apostles. He spoke of the need for families of the Lord, being raised up in righteousness and about the need that children have to be brought up in a good environment where they can learn safely and well. My revelation in this talk was very strong and to the point. When I return home, I need to continue studying Social Work and help as many children as possible find good homes. It feels so right and I know that this career is what the Lord wants me to do. Also...the new age for missionaries to serve missions for elders is 18 years old and 19 for sisters!!!! Ah!!!!! Crazy!!! But SO exciting! The work is progressing! :)
So this week, our district of 9 received 3 new elders! They are a wonderful asset to the district and I am excited for them to join us! :) I have a funny and awkward story of the week. So spanish is coming, sloooooooooooooooowly but surely and my companion and I seem to misinterpret things a lot especially when the natives are talking to us. They were taking a picture of all of the departing missionaries and my companion Hermana Pugmire and myself somehow thought we were supposed to be in the picture. However, when everyone was all set up for the picture, I looked up and saw no one from our district. So I asked, a bit concerned and apparently, this picture was only for advanced missionaries leaving for the mission field. We ran away quickly and were about 20 minutes late to class while everyone was laughing at our silly Norte Americano ways. hahahahaha it was super embarassing but sooooo funny! There have been so many times where we just talk to the latinos and nod and say ´si!´ because we have no idea what they are saying. But that´s ok...it will come! :)
So speaking of the missionaries departing into their mission fields this week, our other Hermana´s are also leaving :( I am going to miss them SO much but I am sure that the incoming ones will be just as wonderful. It´s crazy how close we were able to get to these missionary´s in the short 2 and a half weeks that we have been here. I just love them and all the people here so much, it´s ridiculous.
The food is as good as ever still! We still havnt had Cuy, roasted guinea pig. I think that will be when we get out to our mission fields. I am excited! But every meal is an adventure. We always have rice, chicken, potatoes and then a random thing on a plate that we never know what it is...and a unique dessert of some sort. Every meal brings a new adventure. I just love it! :) I still have avoided any worms or parasites too! So that`s good! Hahahah The weather here in Lima is getting to be beautiful. Its rather chilly most of the time because it just got out of winter and we are in spring at the moment heading into Summer. When the Sun comes out and the sky is clear, it is just beautifuL! I love it.
So today we had the chance to go out into town for P day and attend the temple and go to the store a little bit. I testify that the temple is literally a house of the Lord. It is so important to go because the work that is performed inside is real. I know it. The spirit of the temple is so strong and we can feel so close to Heavenly Father, even on the grounds. It really is a special place that is so important.
This upcoming Saturday, we are going on an adventure! We have the opportunity to go out knocking on doors and sharing our message about the gospel of Jesus Christ, with real people! In Spanish!!!! Luckily, we are being paired with a native companion because we would just be incredibly lost with two norte americanas. I am so excited! We are taking a bus about 3 hours away to a city called Chosica! We get to eat lunch out in the field and knock doors for about 5 hours! Im excited and scared because I dont know spanish! But it will be so much fun!!! I cant wait. Also, next Tuesday, when the advanced missionaries head out into the field, we get to go on a tour of Lima! That will be wonderful as well!!!
Im so excited! I will have more to say next week and tell of my adventures! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and His work is moving foward. I love my life and I LOVE being a missionary!! :)
Siempre Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Ali