Update from Friday, October 5, 2012
Hoooooooolaaaa Familia!!!!
I cannot even describe how incredible of an experience it is to be here in Peru! This Missionary training center is wonderful! The MTC in Provo UT had abou 2700 missionaries, this one has 109! It´s super cozy and I love it so much! Ok so first off, I have a funny story. I flew to Peru exactly a week ago, last friday. However, the morning that we left was quite hectic. We woke up at about 2:30 in the morning, went to the travel office, had everything packed in the van ready to go to the airport and we were on our way when suddenly it dawned on me that I didnt actually have my passport or visa in my hand. So...feeling a bit foolish, I decided to voice my concern to the driver and he immediately stopped the van and said, ¨What??¨ Long story short, I trvaelled with 4 missionary´s and not one of us had been given our passports/visas back from the travel office. For about 45 minutes (at 3 in the mornin) the driver was scurrying about calling everyone trying to find out where our passports were. Turns out they were in the travel office the whole time. Hahahaha oh silly travel people. If I hadnt have said anything, we could have flown to Florida and been stuck! It was way funny.
BUT! Ok. So I got to the CCM (MTC here in Peru) at about 11;30pm and conked out. The next day, we went straight into classes and typical schedule. I love how everything is the same with this gospel everywhere! I love my new companion! Her name is Hermana Pugmire and she is from Arizona. I had actually met her in the Provo MTC because she was previous companions with my old companion Hermana Dopp! She is going to Arequipa Peru! She is amazing and I just love her bunches. My district is very different from my old district, but once again, all the Elders are 19, serving Heavenly Father, ready and willing to work! They are a good group. I am blessed :)
Ok. So, hopefully I have avoided getting a parasite yet... because the water in the CCM is completely filtered, except the garden hose! So...lets all hope and pray that that continues because nobody wants a worm :/ BUT the food here is sooooooooooooo good! I dont know why we dont eat rice and chicken for every meal in the US because it is incredible! They basically have rice, chicken/fish, a mini (very unique) salad and potatoes. Suuuuuuper delicious. Oh. And their desserts are beautiful as well. They have even had a tuna salad once!! :D
The people here, I cannot even describe. I love them all so much. There are only 10 hermanas here out of the 109 missionarys in the CCM and me and my companion (being the only white hermanas) stand out very much. But it´s ok! Everyone treats us with so much respect. The customs of South America are so wonderful, so respectful, so polite! It´s very humbling to realize how much they respect each other. I love all of the Hermana´s especially! We dont speak very good spanish and only two of them speak a couple of words of english, but they are so genuine, and so loving and SO happy all the time! I love them all so much! :)
Something unique here, is that on Preparation Day, we get to go outside into the city! We got to go to the Lima, Temple and afterwards go to the store! Sounds very exciting I know, but everything was in Spanish! It was great!! The bus ride was the best part. We rode a bus with probably about 50 people squished in a bus meant for 25. Good stuff :)
I dont have too much time left, but unfortunately, there is no camera connecter thing here, so for the next month or so, I wont be able to send any pictures :( So when I do, there will be quite a bit :) Also, my new address is as follows, should anyone desire to send me a real letter. (Although I am very ok with email :)
Hermana Elisheva Ali
CCM Lima Perú
Ave. Melgarejo #159
Urb. Campo Verde
La Molina-Lima 12
My P Days are on wednesday so unless there is an internet malfunction (like there was this past wednesday) that is when my emails will come :)
I am continuing to learn new doctrines and principles every day about how much God loves us and wants us to be happy and I love it. Also, I am SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE this weekend!!! What an incredible opportunity to listen to a prophet of the Lord speak to us! I don´t have my scriptures with me, but one of my new favorite scriptures is Amos 3:7 in the bible. I love it.
I love you all mucho!!!
Con mucho amor! :)
Hermana Elisheva Ali