Hello hello!!! How are you all? Any new and exciting news? I am loving it here :) 

This week I feel like a lot happened but I cant remember much of it! Haha I have a feeling that that is going to be a lot of my mission. Fantastic! But super quick! However, I did write down a few things that were significant to share with you all :)

First off, I got sick again.. haha this food mixed with my stomach are really having a difficult time becoming friends..but thats ok. I got a Priesthood blessing and the next day I was as good as new! 
Also, at the moment, my companion and I have an apartment outside of our area and we have been searching for an apt in our area and we finally found one! We will be moving this Monday. I am rather excited because right now, we live at the top of a rather large, dark hill that no one wants to climb at 9pm. Haha. Our new apt is living with a member-Hermana Atica! She is such a sweetheart :) I am excited for the new adventure! Also, being here, this weather is something else! Some days it is super hot, other days it is cold and windy! Haha a couple times, my companion started freaking out because she thought there was about to be an earthquake. And we, living by the ocean, are not in the greatest place to have a natural disaster occur, Haha. But that didnt happen so thats ok :)

Our investigators are marvelous! I really love them all SO MUCH. We have been teaching Berta and Jesus (mom and son) and they are just wonderful. They are getting baptized this Saturday and I am super excited! Their testimonies are really strong and they have such a desire to follow the Savior and learn as much as they can. I just love them. Next week I will most likely have pictures of their baptism :)

Yesterday I had a super cool experience! So, we were on a bus, on our way to have dinner with some members, and I sat next to a woman. As I sat there, I had a really strong impression to start talking to her and share the Gospel. However, me, being fearful and not really knowing as much spanish as I would like, said ´no´haha. Well, I got the impression again...and again...and again....until I could not argue with it any more. I started talking and words literally filled my mouth. I understood everything that she said and I was able to share the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her (in mini version seeing as we were on a bus) She had the question of ´why are there so many churches?´ She was so sweet! I got her name and number and we are going to be visiting her later this week. It was way cool to have that experience because I relied completely on the Lord to speak and understand, and because I had the faith, He put words in my mouth! Way cool.

This week also, we had the opportunity to be able to have Stake Conference with a member of the Quorum of the 70. It was a really cool experience. He talked about the importance of Repentance and how we need to have a complete change of heart in order to be fully repented. If we rely on the Savior, we can overcome ANY trial and become clean. What a blessing!

Anyways, I dont have any time left, but I love you all! 

Con Mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Ali

PS:   Attached is a picture of our zone at the temple and me and my companion