Sunday, December 9, 2012

One month in the field!! December 3, 2012

Another week already! Ah! This thing is flying by! I have already been in the field for a month! Craaaaazy.
I want to give a shout out to all those who have sent me letters and emails! I really can feel the love and it really brings so much happiness so thank youuuuuu! :)
Usually I write down what I want to say so that my thoughts are a bit more organized and I can remember everything I want to say, but I definitely had no time to do that this week so forgive me if everything is jumbled! haha
Ok well first off, this week was a good one! We found 6 new investigators (people who want to learn about the Gospel) taught quite a bit of lessons, contacted a bunch had two baptisms and ended the week with the Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency! It was a good one :)
Also, I wasnt too sick this week! Haha with a lot of prayer for health and a bit of time, I think my stomach and the food are maybe starting to become friends. Maybe...haha. Ok so we are moving! We are changing apartments to move into one that is in our area on Wednesday so that will be fun living in a new apt! Last monday, we visited the Mission office to hang out with the Dr. because of our illnesses haha and that was exciting to see!
I dont have too much time left ah! But I want to talk about the baptism and our Percy, our investigator who is getting baptized this coming Saturday.
This past Saturday was so special. Berta and her son Jesus were baptized and confirmed members of the church on Sunday and received the Holy Ghost. Let me just say that no matter how many illnesses I get, or however much I have to walk or climb up hills, it is so worth it to share this Gospel and see the fruits that come from it. The happiness and spirit and love of our Heavenly Father was so present and so strong during the baptismal service. After the ordinance of the baptism, Berta and Jesus were both  just glowing. They were soooo happy! It was a really sweet experience that I will never forget.
We have been teachig Percy as well and we have had the opportunity over the past month see a huge change in his life. When we first started teaching him, he was just curious and receptive to the spirit. Now, he has applied the Doctrine of Christ in his life, showed his faith in Christ, repented and had a change of heart, and is going to be baptized and confirmed this weekend. We have seen such a change in him and it is so obvious that he is just so much more happy now than he was before because of the Gospel now in his life. He is SO great and I am so excited for him!!
Last but certainly not least, the Christmas devotional. It was in spanish! Haha very interesting to hear different voices than what I am used to. I really liked what President Uchtdorf had to say (the first counselor to the Prophet) about this Christmas and how we should have an attitude of gratitude and the outlook of a child this christmas (and this entire holiday season) for everything we have and will receive. Such a good talk. Im out of time but I love you all!
Con mucho amor siempre!
Hermana Ali


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