I hope your week was phenomenally wonderful! Mine sure was! Can I just say that I thought Lima was way cool, but Ayacucho is INCREDIBLE!! :D It is soooooooooo beautiful here! The weather is amazing, there are rainbows, it rains on and off, it is super clean, the people are suuuper nice and suuuuper loving and oh man. I just love it! Also, my companion Hna Cahuas is the best! We get along super well and we have great unity and a whole lot of good times together! :) Basically, I feel really, really blessed to be here!

This week was way good! Getting to know the area, getting to know ward members and investigators and contacting abunch of people! The investigators that we have right now are so special and they are so ready to have the Gospel! These people here have such a desire to follow Jesus Christ, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help them know how. :)

About half the people here (mostly the older generation) speak Quechua! So...depending on how longI am here (hopefully for a while..:) I will be able to learn Quechua as well as Spanish! After 6months, I feel completely comfortable speaking and understanding spanish! Woot! WHat a blessing to be able to speak two languages! :)

I dont have too much time to write too many details, BUT I just want to say that I am so blessed to be here! This week the focus seemed to be in the power of the Priesthood, and how important this power is. The Priesthood, that was on the earth when Jesus Christ was here, again is on the earth, and only with this sacred power of God are ordinances able to be performed and be valid in the eyes of God.

I know this gospel is true, Presthood power is real and I LOVE being a missionary!!! :)

Con mucho amor siempre!!!!
Hermana Elisheva Ali