Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lmaynallakashkanki!! April 22, 2013

Hoooooola Familia!!!
The title of this email is in Quechua!!! My companion and I are working hard to become fluent! It means ¨How are you?´ So I really have hardly ANY time this week! However, the news that I have doesnt take up too much time. Haha. We didnt have too many activities that happened this week except that we were working hard and found a lot of new investigators and families to teach!! ALSO the biggest news. This past week, we were planning and both of us felt a really strong impression that we should visit a little town that is about 40 minutes out of our area, but still part of our ward. Quinua!
So we got permission and went there to find people to teach. The people are incredible and SO prepared to hear the Gospel!!! It was a really cool, way spiritual experience. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but the many prophecies that Prophets have given since the beginning is coming to pass! The Gospel will be preched to EVERY nation, kindred, tongue, and people. I feel SO blessed to be  a part of it!
Also...attached are photos of the baptism of the last week, and Rashuilca! A touristy part of Peru that we visited last monday. :)
Love you all!
Pajarinkama! (See you later)
Con mucho amor siempre!
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)


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