Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fasting is powerful! September 2, 2013

Hola familia!!
Ok, so this week was INCREDIBLE! I havnt had a week like this is a while. Unfortunately, I don´t remember a whole lot of details about what happened, only that the spirit was so strong the whole week, our investigators are progressing and our companionship is the best. :) I love the area of Mala and I love the people that are here. I love our little branch and I love that I learn new things every single day.
So we had a super cool, faith building experience this past weekend with it being the first Sunday of the month. We fasted as normal and we were able to fast to be able to find a family to teach that are willing to follow Christ and that would be super interested and progress in this Gospel. We also fasted to be able to obtain the permission of a little boy who has a baptismal date with his mom and his grandma. We ended our fast, and went to teach this family of Teresa (the grandma) Maria (the mom) and Remy (Mariás son who is 8). We started talking about baptism and Remy was able to get permission from his dad! Later that day, we contacted a family that we had received as a referral from the branch President. This family is incredible!! All of them want to get baptized, and the mom and dad already have plans to get married in the next couple of months!
The spirit was so strong in the lesson and I know that it is because the Lord heard our prayers and he helped the desires of our hearts to come true. The Lord really does know us, and He answers our prayers and our fasts if we do them in faith.
Another way special experience this week was with Gloria. Gloria has been a member since she was little but hasnt gone to church in about 20 years. Just recently, her 16 year old daughter passed away in an accident and she shared with us how hurt she was and that she had lost all hope. We were able to explain to her and remind her of the incredible plan of Salvation that God has blessed us with and that if we do our part, we will be ablet to see our loved ones even after death.
Testifying of this truth was such a powerful moment that it was an even stronger testimony builder for me that really God does exist and that this plan is real.
There is no greater work than this. I love it. I know it is true.
Have a good week!!
Con mucho amor siempre,
Hna Elisheva Ali :)

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