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Hola! December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

I just want to say that you guys are the best. I lve you all and I am grateful for your love and support. So, even though a ton of time has passed from last time I wrote, and a lot f stuff has happened, at the same time there is not a lot towrite about. BUT, the biggest news is that we had cambios! (transfers) my companion, hermana Delgado received her Visa and went to her mission in Mexico. I have a new companion that I am training, from Chile who is Hermana Rodriguez! She is great. I am a big fan of chileans :)

We also had the chance this past weekend to sing as a zone for about 400 elderly people. It was awesome! :)

We also had the chance yesterday to have a Christmas multi zone conference with President Douglas and his wife. It was super special. Each one of the zones prepared a little presentation of songs and scripture and message and the spirit was incredibly strong. Each one of the zones mentioned, and President Douglas as well, that the greatest gift that we received from our Heavenly Father is His Son Jesus Christ.

It really made me think about what I can do personally to give back and thank Heavenly Father. It came to my mind that the best way that I, and whatever other person can thank Him for the sacrifice of His Son is through using what he did, putting in practice the Atonement of Jesus Christ by repenting daily. Also, by helping other people come unto Him and learning how to use the Atonement to really make things right with our Father. It is what I am doing, and what I a inviting all those who I teach to do. It is a great feeling. I invite you all to do the same. 

This weekend is Hernesto´s baptism I will send pictures! :))

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali

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