How are things? Any exciting news? Any new marriages? New things I should know about? I hope your week was amazing and super full of happiness, gratitude and fun activities! Let me know! I would love to hear about all of your lives :)

As for me...it is still mind boggling that I am actually living in PERU!!! And I am serving a mission, something that I have looked foward to my entire life. It´s actually happening! And I love it!!! :) Sometimes, I just observe my surroundings and think to myself how blessed I am to have this incredible opportunity to be here and share this wonderful Gospel with the rest of my family (that live here in Peru :) Really...its amazing! And its flying by waaaaay too fast! Haha

This week was a good one! Every week, we set certain goals to be able to work for havng to do with our investigators, or people who have the desire to learn about the church. This week, my companions and I worked super hard to reach them, and ended up doing even better than what we planned. We also have been praying specifically for the things we need in our area, and the things that our investigators need. Heavenly Father blessed us SO much. When we are specific with the things we ask, he blesses us with exactly the things that we asked for. We contacted a lot of people, had a lot of different lessons and this week flew! But it was good. :)

This upcoming monday we have transfers! Also...I finish my training!!! The first 12 weeks of being the the mission field is training. Learning how to teach the people, according to needs and well...for me...studying the language as well..ahahah. BUT this week I am done!! Woot! :) Also...transfers could mean that I change locations, companions or even that I might be training a new missionary! We shall see. We find out on Saturday so I will let you all know :) Also...this Saturday we have a baptism! Jorge Mendoza. I will tell you more about him...with pictures next week!

We are going to visit a place called Huaca today! Im not 100% sure what it is...but I think it is a historical site here in Peru, so I will have pictures of that next week. :)

Attached are some pictures of my companions and I, and a few others that are in our zone (our area) I just love them all bunches!!! :) Anyways, that is just about all for now, next week I will have more exciting information! Haha

I love you all and I pray for each and every one of you daily :) Stay faithful and turn to Heavenly Father for every challenge that you have. He understands and He loves you.

Con muchisimo amor siempre!!
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)