Buenos Dias !!!!!!!!!
How are you all?? I hope wonderful, carefree, happy, enjoying life and receognizing the positive. :) This week, I forgot to mention in my last email is Semana Santa...or in english terms, Holy Week! The week before Easter ( Pascua ) Being here in Ayacucho during this time of the year is SUCH a blessing! Because it is like...the capital of all the festivities of Semana Santa...including Pascuatorro! On Saturday, there will be bulls running in the streets...kind of like in Spain, but a little less intense. :) Also, all this week there are celebrations, parades, and all sorts of presentations...also fireworks. A lot of fireworks haha. It is way cool. I feel very cultured. :)
Also, this week, I almost died. Well....not really. However, I thought I was going to die. So, we had service on thursday morning, as usual. We helped to clean up the backyard of someones house. Anyways, there are really random fruits here in Peru, that are super tasty. One of the trees in the backyard had a fruit called `higo`. Its super weird, but super tasty. Anyways, I ate a bunch, and one of them tasted really old...a bit rotted one would say. So I looked at it a little more in depth, and noticed (after I had taken a bite) that there were little white worms crawling around in it! Haha yep. So basically, I willingly ate worms...which are now in my stomach. Luckily, I didnt get sick though because my stomach is now accustomed! It was a good learning experience...and very exciting. :)
HOWEVER, more importantly that the pascuatorro, and the worms experience... this saturday is the baptism of Charo Guttierrez! She is SUCH an incredibly wonderful person. She is super receptive to the spirit, and has had a testimony of the gospel since the first day that we taught her. Her faith is super strong and she is suuuuuper excited for her baptism this Saturday! (As are we, my companion and I :) I just love how happy people are when they are able to build their faith in Jesus Christ even more and be able to make this covenant of baptism with our Heavenly Father.
Also...as everyone knows, this Sunday is also Easter! I love this time of the year...and Christmas, when we are able to focus fully, and completely on Christ, and all that He did for us. Sometimes, it is difficult to be able to comprehend all that He did for us through His Atonement, but it is incredible. Jesus Christ, being the Son of God, came to earth to suffer for our sins. As humans, we are so incredibly imperfect, and Jesus Christ was willing to make up for our imperfections, and give all that He was, and more to give us the opportunity to repent. If we have faith in Him, utilize His Atonement, are baptized, and endure to the end,  we are able to live with our Heavenly Father again, after we pass on.
I am SO grateful for all that Jesus Christ did for me. He was the perfect example in everything that is was, is and what He did. Because he was resurrected, we also are able to be resurrected and live in a kingdom of Glory. I know He lives. I know He loves us. The Atonement is real. :)
I love you all! Happy Easter!
Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali