Sunday, April 14, 2013

Changes!! April 10, 2013

Buenos Dias mi maravillosa familia!!!!! :)
Como están sus abilidades a poder hablar en Español? Espero que están practicando!! :) Haha this week SO much happened. I will try my best to be able to mention and remember it all. Here goes.
First things first, new rule, the first preparation day of transfers, is now Wednesday...that is why you didnt receive an email from me this monday. However, lets see. Last week was way good! Super spiritual and beautiful :) We have an investigator whose name is Alicov. He is 21 years old and is super shy, but a really genuinely wonderful person. Anyways, he originally had a baptismal date of March 30th. However, he didnt feel prepared for that day, so it didnt happen. However, the next week, he invited us over ( on thursday) and he told us a story. He said that he had been thinking about the fact that he hadnt been baptized and he was feeling a bit bummed about it. He was in his room cleaning, when he saw his baptismal invitations. He said that he felt something, like a loss and had a super strong desire or feeling that he needed to pray. So he kneeled down and offered a prayer to our Father in Heaven. He said that the feeling that he felt in his heart was the happiest most peaceful feeling that he had ever felt in his life. He asked if the church was true, and again felt this feeling in his heart. Afterwards, he said ¨I want to baptized the soonest that I can! ¨ It was SUCH a beautiful experience and the spirit was so strong! :) He was bptized on Sunday morning at 8am :)
Also, on Saturday night, we received transfers!!!! My companion, Hermana Cahuas got transfered to Chorrillos, in Lima, close to where I was before! And I am now training! A new Hermana that just got out of the Missionary Training Center. Her name is Hermana Zarate from Chile! Sunday night, we went to the bus station and drove all through the night! We arrived in Lima at about 7:30am and went to the office. Then, I ended up spending the day in Chorrillos with Hermana Cahuas and her new companion Hermana Riveros from Trujillo, Peru! It was fun. :) The next day (tuesday) we went to the office and I met my new companion Hermana Zarate! Then we had the chance to go to the temple while we waited for our bus!!! What  beautiful priviledge :) An elder that was with us took pictures...but he forgot his camera and my companions camera was out of I have no pictures this week...haha but the next week I will!
Anyways, we arrived back in Ayacucho this morning at 8am and now we are ready to work this week :) This past weekend was General Conference!! The opportunity to be able to listen to the Prophet and his 12 Apostles.  I learned SO much! Also, I invite you, if you didnt know about it, or didnt have the chance to watch it to look for it on You wont regret it I promise :) My favorite talk was by Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the 12 apostles. He spoke on the topic of faith, compared with belief. He talked about, without even a desire to believe, it is impossible for us to be ble to begin having a seed of faith. It is so important that we excercise this desire to believe so that we can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. He also talked about the experiences that we hve already experienced through our faith-for example, it is impossible to deny all of the mirackes that have happened in our lives. Every one of these experiences is thanks to our Father in Heaven. It is SUCH a powerful talk. Look it up :)
Anyways, I think that is about all that happened. I probably left out a couple of things, BUT this week was amazing. I love you all. I love hearing from you and I pray for each one of you daily :)
Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)

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