Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lima!!!! June 10, 2013

So this week we had a training conference for leaders in Lima!!!! It was a fantastic experience!! I learned a lot about how I personally can be a better missionary, and how, as a leader I can help others to reach their full potential as missionaries. Also, my companion and I were able to have divisions with other sisters for training purposes! It was good stuff. We travelled in Bus on monday night and got to Lima in the morning. We went straight to the conference, had divisions and then were able to stay in a super nice bed and breakfast. The following morning, we had the chance to go to the temple!!!! I love the temple SO much. The spirit was so strong and I was able to receive personal revelation on how to help our investigators. In the afternoon, we had to go to immigrations for my companion, and there I was able to talk with two other sisters from the US who are serving in MisiĆ³n Trujillo, Peru. It was very difficult to talk in English :)

The following morning, we had a flight at 4:45am, but we ended up missing it so we flew in the afternoon instead. I have always wanted to fly in a super small plane like this one (pictures are attached) It was the best. Then the rest of the week, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we worked hard finding and teaching.

Not a whole lot happened this week aside from that, only that it was a very unique week and I learned a whole lot. Something that my companion and I have been focusing on is working with members of the church who are less active. I absolutely love working with them because they realize why they were baptized in the first place and how they felt. They remember the covenants that they made with our Father in Heaven and they end up coming back to church because they feel the spirit that they had forgotten. 

Working with these wonderful people has really built my testimony that this work really is the work of God, and not of man. They remember their covenants, feel the spirit, and we have seen a huge increase in our ward of less actives who have come back. I love the scripture in the Book of Mormon in Jacob 6:5 that talks about the fact that Jesus Christ always has his arms wide open to welcome us back into His fold and give us the incredible blessing of eternal life.

Have an amazing week!
Con mucho amor siempre,
Hermana Elisheva Ali :)



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