Monday, July 15, 2013

De la tierra del eterno sol!!! July 8, 2013

Hola Familia!!!!

Once again, I dont have a whole lot of time to write!! But I dont have a whole lot of big news to report either. Ica is great!!! I will take a picture of it for next week so that you can see it. It is literally desert! Nothing more. Haha Desert and houses. A bit like Arizona! But I absolutely love it! It is suuuuuuuper flat and the area that we are in is super big!!! There are so many people that are prepared to hear the Gospel here, I can feel it! The ward here as well is INCREDIBLE! It is called ¨La Achirana¨ I love it SO much! The ward members are super warm, super loving, and most importantly, super ready to help the Lord´s kingdom grow in Ica! Their goal in the future is to have a temple here and because of that, together, we are working hard to find the children of God who are prepared for this incredible message of the Restoration! :)

Attached are some pictures of my last couple of nights in Ayacucho with super special families :) And lastly with my new companion Hna Chumbes! (in the pink shirt) We are super happy to be working here and excited to be together! :)

We had a super special experience this past Sunday fasting that I want to share really quickly as well. We fasted to be able to find someone who is prepared in this moment to hear the Gospel and has the desire to be baptized this month of July. We ended our fast, went out to proselyte, and found a young man, a reference from a member of the ward who wants to be baptized and is super excited!! It was another testimony builder to me that the Lord listens and answers our prayers and our fasts. :)

I love you all and hope your week is great! :)

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hna Elisheva Ali :)

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