Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plan of Salvation! September 16, 2013

Hola familia!!!
Well, not a whole lot seemed to happen this week. Well, a lot happened, but I cant remember it all in detail and I dont have my journal to remind me so I will try to do my best in remembering it.
First of all, we went to Lima again this past week to the immigration office for my visa! I was almost illegal, but now im legal again. :) I cant believe I have been here for a year! That was a good day, waiting there all day :) Haha. But, inside, in the line, we started talking to a man who was a Lawyer from Chile! He had lost his mom and really had no direction in his life. We were able to share a little bit with him about the Plan of Salvation and we gave him a Book of Mormon. Even this small conversation, it was super evident, that the spirit had touched his heart and you could definitely see a hopeful light in his eyes :) It was a beautiful thing.

Then, the next day, we had another beautiful experience with the Plan of Salvation. I dont know if I have mentioned one of the families that we are teaching. It is a couple with a less active daughter, and a son. They recently lost their 16 year old daughter about 2 months and they are in a terrible spot right now. However, we were able to testify to them of the truthfulness and the reality of the Plan of Salvation. We testified that if they followed the commandments, if they put forth their best effort to be sealed in teh temple by Priesthood holders, they would be able to live for eternity with their whole family. The spirit was the strongest that I think I have felt on my mission. I know this plan is real. And it is incredible! Heavenly Father is so great that he has given us this chance and all He requires of us is that we put forth a little effort! I love it.

I love you all and hope your week is amazing and full of the goodness of God :)

Con mucho amor siempre,
Hna Elisheva Ali :)

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